Mac logic board repair nyc

Our experienced Apple engineers will perform rigorous internal repair that will prevent you from needing a replacement hard drive. If you do need one, we will provide one from industry leading brands such as Seagate and Western Digital. We can provide the fastest iMac screen repair in NYC.

Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair Service in NYC

Our screens come from the exact manufacturer Apple uses. Choose your type of Mac Desktop: Mac Mini.

Mac Pro. Memory upgrade Computer running slow?

Professional Repair

We provide true Logic Board repair NJ. Our Apple certified engineers have seen it all.

Professional Repair Services in New York City

We understand what it takes to survey your for true Macbook logic board repair. Other services such as the Genius Bar and the Geek Squad will simply try to sell you a new logic board or Macbook altogether.

They know a new Logic board is so close to the price of a new Macbook that most people will simply buy a new computer. At LaptopMD, we know how to solder your existing logic board and fix the damaged chips that are keeping your Logic board from proper function.

L2 Computer Inc.

A logic board is the same thing as a motherboard, system board or main system board. Although they have different terms, they all have the same function: The Logic board is a circuit board that encompasses all the connectors, diodes and chips necessary to run your computer.

The computer screen, keyboard, trackpad and every other component connects to your logic board. If you spill something, drop your logic board, or even let it overheat, significant physical damage can take place and compromise your Macbook components.

How to solder ISL6259 QFN chip on Macbook Pro logic board if you suck at soldering.

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