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Check the previous reviews for the full picture: Version 1. Included are two new effects and, more importantly, the long-awaited time-stretch and pitch-shift functions.

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These processes are offline sample edits and therefore not comparable to the 'elastic audio' of Ableton Live, for example. The newly-bundled Massive's controls map neatly onto the hardware encoders Time-stretch detects the base tempo of loop-based material pretty accurately on most occasions. Alternatively, samples can be stretched by percentage. I'd rate the output as good to very good, with the usual proviso that you don't push the process too far beyond the original tempo. You'll be pleased to know that the extra effects introduced in this version are no token gesture.

The first is Saturator, with its selectable tube, tape and classic modes. It's spot-on for beefing up samples and virtual instruments, tape mode adding subtle warmth, while tube mode is considerably more raw and gnarly. Tube's EQ section is on hand to rein in some of the resulting lively harmonics.

With its simple gain, attack and sustain controls, it doesn't look like much, but don't be fooled. Other minor improvements include the sampler wave display that now tracks playback position. Best of all, you can now control your host DAW's transport directly, without switching to controller mode.

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Finally, you can 'pin' the Autowrite feature and then record encoder tweaks with both hands — definitely liberating! Timestretch isn't real-time, but it's fast and undo-able.

Despite these improvements, there's still work to do as Maschine trundles inexorably towards version 2. For example, to re-use patterns or groups from another project you must first open the source project and import components you think you'll need to the library. Similarly, I'd file the piano-roll editor under 'crude but effective' and there's no step-by-step input for note entry either, although the 'xox' mode is ideal for creating drum parts. Under the covers, multi-core support is notable by its absence.

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  • At the moment, it's all too easy to hit the CPU limits when stacking heavy-hitting soft synths like Massive, Omnisphere or Diva. Lastly, I'd love to see more sophisticated automation than the current method of writing values into looping patterns. But what you really want is to painlessly capture every performance action made on that colourful hardware. It's strictly one controller per Maschine instance at the moment, but if that could change in the future, it would be an olive branch to anyone who bought theirs prior to the infusion of glorious technicolour. Used creatively, colour can genuinely boost Maschine performance and somehow make it faster, better and more vivid.

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    • Owners of the older models probably won't be inclined to toss away their existing hardware, but there's bound to be some envy for those MkIIs and their personalised faceplates and knobs. At least there's some comfort for all in the software upgrades, especially time-stretch and the Transient Master.

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      Hopefully some of the long-awaited features will appear in version 2. Today, adding colour is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but its potential is out there to be explored. Coloured lights and music, who knew? The Renaissance's multi-port MIDI and a built-in audio interface are further gauntlets thrown down, while the Studio is a simpler, more direct competitor.

      Although new to the game and less colourful, they should keep NI on their toes. OSX In license center it has 1. I do get these "servicecenter wants to change It then asks me to restart the mac and i do. And when going to contact center, update is still available and i can start over and keep going in a endless loop. So, its quite strange. When starting maschin still 1.

      I hope you can help me out. Updateing to v2 atm is not an option.

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      BR Tue. Tue Find , Oct 23, Try using Native Access instead of ServiceCenter. D-One , Oct 23, It my be compatibility problem. Did you installed it on Sierra or did you upgraded system with Maschine already installed? Mac OS X Last edited: Oct 23, Jiloo , Oct 23, Informative x 1. I think it might be compatibility problems then.

      D-One, i did try NativeAccess, no different, i uninstalled it along with everything else to start over.

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      Ill try giving it a spin again. I got an answer yesterday. I was sent a link to legacy software download i didnt know that downloaded and it installed without any problems. So now running 1. I do however still wonder if the security settings in OSX, i dont know what else to call it, is blocking installation. Reason why is, i still have updates i cat install.

      I can download but not install.