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At the end of each hand you can view, analyze and interpret the data to improve your game. Thanks to the head-up display you can track all hands and make informed decisions at all times. Balance the odds in your favor and become a skilled player. The top toolbar helps you switch between the Ring Games and Tournaments and filter the visualized results based on their data range, game type, position and table size.

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The Dashboard offers you access to Basic and Advanced Statistics that can help you view the total number of hands played, check your winnings and losses, as well as other related data. At the same time the Charts panel helps you have an overview of your bankroll. Poker Copilot for Mac. Feb 1st, Trial.

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A powerful and useful application that enables you to improve your poker game with the help of easy-to-interpret data and statistics. In fact, if you use an Apple computer then this is probably the go-to Poker HUD for that very reason.

There is no Hold'em Manager for Mac, but...

However, if you don't use a Mac don't worry, there is a Windows version of Poker Copilot too. Another thing to note about the Poker Copilot HUD is that it is always running right away on your poker table as long as you are playing on a supported poker room which is pretty much all of the major ones.

So there is no need to switch anything on. And of course much like it's more popular cousins PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager it also includes a wide array of more advanced poker HUD stats such as: And many, many more. You can include whichever ones you want. I would definitely suggest including many if not all of the above HUD stats. And all of them are available in Poker Copilot. From what I see, no.

Poker HUD for Windows | Poker Copilot

Much like PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager, Poker Copilot also has an extensive array of HUD stats available in the popup display when you click on your opponent's name at the table. I don't want to have this HUD stat on my screen because I use it so rarely.

So I can just bring up the popup display on the rare occasions when I need it. What I also like about the Poker Copilot popup display is that it includes the number of opportunities for you right beside every statistic. As I have discussed before, this is a crucially important thing to keep in mind when interpreting HUD stats. This is especially the case for turn, river and 4Bet HUD stats. This basically analyzes how you play in a wide range of scenarios such as:.

...Poker Copilot for Mac is a great alternative

And it gives you a score based on how well you are doing. I think this will be helpful especially for a lot of beginners who don't know what their leaks are yet. And this is because it takes all the guesswork out and tells you exactly where you need to improve. Very good for beginners. While I find the leak finding capabilities in PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager to be superior especially the ability to run hand filters , this is complicated and many beginners won't know how to do this.

So once again what Poker Copilot may lack in terms of sheer data and capabilities it makes up in terms of it's simplicity to use and understand especially for newer poker players. There are in fact tournament specific HUD stats available such as "M-ratio" which is very useful for understanding stack sizes when you get deep in a poker tournament.

You will also be able to track all of your tournament results same with cash games and sit and gos. No more guessing about your results! Poker Copilot does the work for you. You can also do session reviews within Poker Copilot by reviewing your own hands in the replayer. As I have discussed many times before, this is absolutely crucial to your development as a winning poker player.

And what's more, you will also be able to track all of your opponents and review their hands as well within Poker Copilot.

Poker Copilot Review - A Comprehensive Walkthrough

This is something that I also highly recommend. I attribute a lot of my success in poker over the years to putting in the hours away from the tables studying my opponents and finding ways to beat them. As a professional poker player, this is an integral part of how we learn to crush the games and stay on top.

In Poker Copilot you can do it all.

Poker Copilot Demo English HD

Well, I would say that for somebody who is looking for a simple to use, slimmed down alternative to PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager, this is a good option. Poker Copilot is extremely simple to install and get up and running at the poker tables. It is also compatible with nearly all of the major poker networks and it has a wide array of HUD stats.

While it doesn't include as many HUD stats as it's larger cousins, it includes all of the basic and advanced ones that you need. Again, the key here is simplicity. The leak detector function inside Poker Copilot will make it easier for many newer players to find their leaks and quickly start fixing them. This is a major bonus in my opinion. Lastly, Poker Copilot includes the ability to track all of your results and your opponent's and then study the hands.

This is a crucial part of improving your game and ultimately your results.

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