How to install ships and boats mod 1.2.5 mac

Credits Programming: Toddie Chain Icon: Scout37 Some ideas from ThesaurusRex84, extracted from http: And this one feature cannons. Other Videos from GameChap. A mod showcase by ManDog. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Looks very good, maybe you should add more noticeable characteristics to separate it from the zeppelin mod like you said. Maybe like wind so you can have a use for a mast? Just a suggestion though. Quote from hereandthere.


Quote from sirentropy. Quote from JayPak What i really like is the fact that it creates a ship that Actually floats, not just sit on the water and look like its floating which is what Blakmajik's mod does. Looks good so far. But, the thing about "wind direction" and such isnt such a great idea. Because there is only one wind direction.

Sinking Simulator 1: Update 1.2.6 file

That's apparent. Quote from Pixelated. What's your method of rendering the ship? Is it an entity-per-block method or did you do something else?

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Futurecraft Master Codesmith. Quote from fr0stbyte Looks awesome , keep it up. I can already see the possibilities!

Archimedes’ Ships Mod 1.7.10 (Create Your Own Ship)

Will reddit this out. I think it would fit better with regular gameplay if in survival mode the boat replaced the model instead of appearing next to it though. Quote from fishycheeze.

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Can I Have A Pre-release? Would Dispensers On it be able to shoot?

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Like, is a solar power ship a viable option or is the one engine provided in the modpack the only thing you can use? Anybody know what to do? Every time I try to mount a ship that I have assembled, my game crashes. Does anyone know why this is happening? It just crashes. Wooden crates work though. I made a ship but whenever I try to move it it just rubber bands back to the original spot.

Can someone help? This is the BEST mod ever!!

How to install the RC mod minecraft 1.2.5 [MAC].

Name required. Email required, but never shared. Archimedes Ships Minecraft 1. Minecraft Forge.

Archimedes' Ships Mod (Create Your Own Ship) -

Download Forum Install Guide. Archimedes Ships , 4. Related Mods. Minecraft 1. Comments paul I have done a review of this mod and its a really good mod. Here is a link to it http: I agree, but some ships are very detealed and small, but I still agree. Having trouble with the game crashing when getting on the ships anyone know a fix? The Flying Porckchopper.