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How to Connect a Mac to a TV with HDMI for Full Audio & Video Support

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So you plug a male hdmi cable in the side of the Mac directly and the other end male hdmi cable in the TV? And you are playing non HDCP video that you perhaps have in Photos taking a movie recording yourself?

mac mini no sound through hdmi to tv

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I have connected my TV directly to Mac Mini using a 1. All i can hear is sound from the Mac Mini's internal speaker. Please advise how i can obtain audio from the TV.

Connect the Mac to the TV with HDMI & Adapter

The Selected Device has no output controls. Help in this regards is highly appreciated More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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I am experiencing similar issues with no real solution yet: I have a Mac Mini connected to a Sony Bravia HD TV via an HDMI cable sound output via TV speakers was not working when I first connected the two about 4 mos ago couldn't figure it out- and just used an headphone cable to connect the mac mini to a stereo somewhere between then and a month ago I disconnected all incl. In not sure if I had this before or not - dont completely remember seeing it, but vaguely do I've also updated my macmini whenever an update is released within a few days She then recommended that I go into the Apple store and have the mini checked out I asked to have it hooked up to one on display - so I could see for myself.

I still could not adjust the volume bar it went greyed out - but I could crank up the tv volume directly and get sound. Sort of While now I could get sound - it was not the same as before where I could control the sound through the mac - only directly through the TV.

Mini Mac late 2009 to HDMI TV audio issue

The Apple guy said that he didn't know what I was talking about - and said that they way the machine was now working was the proper way. He unhooked my mac mini, and gave it to me, and walked away. Same result as in the Apple store. I could control sound directly via the TV, but not through the mac mini controls. Tried to wake the mini - but couldn't. Had to resort to pressing the button at the back. When the mini came back, I had no sound at all coming through the TV speakers, even though the sound preferences settings were still the same.

I had to resort to shutting down the mac mini, and then unplugging the power on the mini for a few minutes. Powering back up, sound was again able to comefromt eh mac through the TV speakers - but still could not control sound using the mac mini controls Thats where Im at so far Thanks in advance, MAJM. View answer in context.

How to Get Sound Using HDMI Connection - Mac Users

Loading page content. I think the problem is in the HDMI handshaking processs. I turned everything off, then turned each component on again, first the TV, then the Yamaha, then the Mac. Great sound!

Step 2: A blue check mark means the option is turned on. Step 3: Verify that the volume icon is now present in your Menu Bar — you can click it to reveal a volume slider, or hold the Option key and click it to reveal a list of input and output devices. When using an HDMI connection, you will have to choose which audio out you want to use, and in my case, it just happened to be the sound-rich speakers that I wanted to use instead of the muffled built-in TV audio.