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Contains Shine Defy Blotting Spheres that act like blotting paper, instantly absorbing sweat and oil without disturbing color pigments Medium coverage. Set con 4 productos full size y 1 travel size para un rostro luminoso: Hard Candy Rose Gold Highlighter 4. Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter 5. Found Coconut Sheek Mask. Forma parte de la comunidad The Beauty Box. Wing Man Hum Uso: Red Carpet Hum Uso: Daily Cleanse Hum Uso: Hydrating Milky Serum Pixi Beauty Suero ligero con extracto de rosas, aceite de jojoba y aloe vera que hidrata a profundidad y promueve la elasticidad de la piel para una apariencia radiante.

Microfiber Velvet Sponge 2. Super Star Loose Pigment ColourPop This finely-milled loose shadow delivers high impact colour and shine with ultra-fine pigments, pearls, and glitter.

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Technique Essentials Set 2. Fast Base Foundation Stick Makeup Revolution The easy-to-apply stick formula melts into skin, blending seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish. Glow For It Walmart Set con 4 productos full size y 1 travel size para un rostro luminoso: MAC tiene 1 ml. Something funny is that both correctors smell exactly the same, as they smell the bases of MAC smells the concealer, which is the typical smell that I associate with makeup: My color in MAC is NC25, in liquid base, powder and in proofreader as long as it does not seek to illuminate.

And they always sell out! The formula of both correctors is super similar, they have almost the same consistency, exactly the same coverage! With both you only need to apply super little to cover dark circles, blackheads or pimples. For what I use most these correctors is under my eyes and I have some lines of expression in my eyes The MAC corrector sits a little in these lines, but nothing compared to other correctors.

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With the concealer LA Girl is the one that less sits on my lines under my eyes, I liked that a lot. Besides, it covers the same as that of MAC granites and imperfections.

The color of LA Girl is a shade more pink or salmon and has helped me enough to cover my black circles or panda eyes under my eyes. MAC and LA Girl look the same when I apply them, they have the same coverage and they are long lasting, as long as I leave my house early and arrive in the afternoon my corrector is still intact, another of the pros of both, but even more of LA Girl for being a very economic product.

Much difference between both products that are identical. I have also seen how they use different colors of the LA Girl correctors to contour and illuminate the face, the next time I see them I will buy more colors to try this. I hope you like this post with the duplicate of the MAC Pro Longwear, if you have any questions do not forget to tell us in the comments.

Another question of makeup plis, first apply the concealer and then the base or how is the order preferable?? Hello Sue!

I always first apply the base first and then the concealer to cover what the makeup did not cover, then I pass translucent powder so that it does not move and it has given me very good results! It is also in the stores "Bellisima" I had that question before, but I think it is best to apply the base first so that with the concealer you cover what the base could not and so it goes well! Thank you very much for the address, I had no idea that there was Dax in the df, here is not a well-known store: I did not know that you are from Tijuana OMG!

Very good review, indeed the corrector of LA Giro is super good for its price and it lasts a lot, besides that it is very easy to get it here. Yes, the only bad thing is that in places like the one I live in, the price goes up more than double. I would love for you to talk about MAC databases or in this case your duplicate.

¿Dónde puedo comprar Lime Crime en México?

They gave me one Greetings bye….. Hi Karina! Very good topic, would you like us to do a guide on how to choose the correct color of your base? I never hit on the subject of the tones, except for the correctors, if it would be good for them to do that post, it would be very helpful! That is another issue that we have requested a lot, but we want to be sure of the best method, because there are several, but not all work as the test makeup on the wrist or neck are not the best. It is the first step that we should all know, take into account our color so that we do not look like ghosts or with a false tan.

Especially because I've used several bases of different brands and I'm still not sure if I've guessed right or not I liked the most economical haha, but I have a doubt..


I almost never cover my imperfections with corrector because I feel that the problem gets worse, do you think that if I use this concealer it works well to cover granites? First use a corrective color, if you have brown circles and very marked uses a corrector in salmon or orange; Then you put on the right one of your tone and it is perfect. This technique has worked for me a lot. I could not get it and I'm dying for it, it's another product that has become basic of many beautygurus no matter how much you love Mac, that concealer seems to have taken all the applause.

I was going to buy it, but there were not many tones, the truth is that I have seen that many people love this concealer and I am sure that I will love it too!

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I already have both, but the one of LA girl buys a very dark tone and the MAC one buys the exact tone and fascinates me. I heard that they already sell the LA girl in Todo moda. The advantage of LA girl is that it's cheap, it does not matter if you're wrong, you can buy another one and there's no problem, because it's super cheap, in the stores, there's a lot of girls who help you and choose the most similar tone to yours, I recommend that if you have a beautiful fence, go and ask.

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We've heard many people talk about the Bellisima stores, but we do not have any like that here. Sometimes it's the bad thing about living at the border, it has its advantages and disadvantages. I have pure beige and I feel that it fits me well, I just did not know there were 18 tones; I have only seen 9. They have enough and for this year they will have more. We saw photos of new shades to correct the skin color like green and yellow! It is better to buy this type of product, in small stores in the center that sell economic cosmetics.