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KHE Mac 2s: light but do they last?

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Microknobby is something like 72TPI. I assume it's higher since it's a folding tire and looks pretty flexible. KHE website says that both the 24 and 26" version are g. I don't think that's right. I wouldnt go microknobby. I had them on my kona and they wear fast on asphalt. Bikes are better then women, at least you get to ride them when ever you want. Twin Rails are g. I've ridden the Microknobby for short periods of time. What did you think of them on the asphalt? They felt a bit squirmy to me. Can't remember how quickly they rolled on the asphalt Sounds like you like low tire pressure?

If so, the KHE is definitely not for you From what I've read For the price and performance, it's still pretty damned hard to beat the K-Rads Eugene Freeriders. Not a fan of the microknobby either for pavement. Nice zippy sound but they don't wear well and if you skid, the knobs are gone leaving you with a flat spot that you can feel. I've seen too many K-Rads blow sidewalls and beads, but I like the tread on them. I'm sold on the Holy Rollers but I wish they had a little thicker sidewall. The Geax Tattoo is getting a following Haven't heard great things about their Booze tire.

I may try a set of the Tattoos next time. I think if you want a more durable tire you're going to have to bite the bullet and step up to g models with more rubber. The Dude.

Who are we?

I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself I too would like to know if anyone has used the Schwalbe Table Top? Originally Posted by sittingduck. Originally Posted by Crankenator. I know the difference, thanks. From what you posted, I got the impression you run your tires with low pressure. Low pressure is a real fast way to degrade sidewalls.

If K-Rads are too heavy, your options are pretty limited. One tire I really liked that was very light, but still nice and big, was the Specialized Rhythm Lite. I have many of the tires mentioned here. The Supermoto's are some of my all-time favorite DJ tires. Fat, smooth rolling, and nice riding. Although I have had no durability issues, the sidewalls feel like paper and they go easy on well-groomed Dj's. Sure they bite great, but they tear up lips.

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The supermoto sticks to hardpack really well and their fat profile steamrolls and packs jump transitions. I love them. I would not use them for street or any XC type riding with rocks and stuff that tear up sidewalls. These will not hold up for that. They are a bit slick on the front for pumptrack stuff, but I put a Table Top on the front and that is the magic trail combo for me. Pure awesomeness. The Booze Light kicks ass as well. I wrote a review on it here: Once I got them sorted they do make quite a difference to how the bike feels, especially in the air. Well, I bought mine a while back and inflate them to around psi which is hard and makes them fast.

Bought some for my son. He rides a lot of dirt and street. Constant flats!!! Zero flats and great tires. Or having to walk his bike for miles because he was off street riding somewhere a got a flat. I have never had a flat with these tires will not run anything else. I have mixed feelings about them. I ran KHEs on my 20 for awhile and hated them. I might give them a try to see how it effects the ride. I have been running them on my model-C for months now.

Tire was actually ok, but the explosion broke 4 spokes. I usually deflate them a bit when I throw my bike in my car, just to be safe.

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I ran these on my USB molly… wow super fast, extremely light and they grip extremely well. They will eventually exlode off of the rims… the runaway was worse than the hazard. When considering a front tire blowout they are too dangerous for me to trust.

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I have run those too those explode too except for the mac dirt… never had a problem with those.