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Get a proper Wacom tablet, mate. May be pricey initially but it's a worthwhile investment. As a student I made the mistake of getting a Capax tablet which is very similar to the Medions. Intuos all the way: I have a previous Aldi graphic pad, model "Medion P". I just got it out and plugged it into my PC running Puppy Linux, and it works fine, it appears to work as a generic mouse.

DMESG identifies it as a generic mouse: Slim Tablet] on usb I don't do art on the computer, but I imagine it would work well for that purpose. I wanted to use it as a mouse substitute, and while it works, the "absolute positioning" makes it difficult to use that way. Unlike a mouse, you can't just leave it in a position, you have to put the pen down to type, and when you put the pen down it always moves the cursor as you put it down.

The claim of incredible resolution is rather bogus. While it may be capable of sensing position with ultra-fine resolution, it DOESN'T sense the position if the tip of the pen, it senses a spot about 2. So you can tilt the pen, moving the tip about 2cm across the pad, without moving the sensed position. One of the interesting specs from a german site - "The battery-operated pen works with a total of Druckempfindlichkutsstufen " I'd prefer it run with about , but for this price who can complain! I'm really tempted to buy this, I think I will buy this.

This could speed things up a lot for me. And if it doesn't I have 60 days to return it, can't go wrong really. Yep in this post I just convinced myself I need one, I'm going to buy it. Tweezers for changing the tips. Refills are for when you wear the nubs on the stylus down and it's no longer precise. Refills will probably be the nibs on the pen. Tweezers might be the tool that is required to change them.

I have a medion tablet and a mac i need a driver

As other mentioned the refills are the pen tips. The tweezers don't look like hair tweezers although you could use normal tweezers. Just not a perfect fit for nibs. The tweezers you get for this tablet are most likely a circular type of metal that has a grip to clamp onto the plastic nib in order to take it out.

So essentially it's like metal teeth. Incase anyone buys this and can't figure out how to unbox it I found this helpful unboxing video here: Lol, that's not even the same tablet. That's the one I got back in I was overcharged back then too. That video would of been a massive help back then to because I couldn't figure how to unbox it.

Medion MD 9570 Graphics Pad Driver 1.0

All the specs are well and good but if your are using anything other than Wacom for high level graphics you are in for a surprise. Anyhoo, stay clear of battery operated pens. Batteries do have a habit of leaking and most likely you'll forget there is a battery in your pen.

Because of this the design is obviously flawed and you can actually break your pen through general use. Consider the compartment is in the top compartment of the pen, so the pen is weaker in the middle.

Medion Design USB Graphics Pad P | Brent Challis' Weblog

It will crack over time if someone has a tight grip. Do you need pressures of sensitivity? Tablet pcs use levels and they work a treat. My point is road test this and road test Wacom bamboos and work your way up to the Intuos. I'm not a Wacom rep but just dropping some knowledge about graphic tablets because it's my forte. Leaking batteries are not a problem if you use a rechargeable NiMH battery, like an Eneloop. This is a huge, but understated, advantage of NiMh batteries. Think of how many electronic devices you have with a remote control, that you could not operate properly if the remote control was damaged.

Use NiMH batteries, and you'll never have the "leaky battery problem" ever again.

If you use a smart charger, you won't be overcharging your batteries, and they should never leak. Good to know, mate. But it doesn't prevent the design of the pen because it needs to house a battery.

The middle portion of the pen is weak whereas anything wacom penabled are durable. You have a Medion tablet so you could understand what I'm talking about. I guess for most users who use them infrequently or short periods this would not be a factor. Low end bamboo would certainly be a better investment. Many people will also find the size too large. Bought one but it is dead, doesn't even get "found" on any of my laptops. I will try to get a replacement one but I took one of 2 on display in the glass cabinet so might not be any left by the time I get there tomorrow.

Doesn't fill me with confidence but my daughter fancies being a graphic designer when she grows up: I noticed the USB cord that comes with it has a longer bit that inserts into the tablet. Make sure you were using that as a standard mini usb cord may not reach the contacts in the port. I wrote this program to prototype the code to interpret these protocols with the intention of eventually making a driver for these old tablets.

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Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough with Cocoa to go much further. Howver, I've developed three possible approaches: In theory this would allow the tablet to work with the Wacom USB driver control panel, meaning I wouldn't have to write my own. IOKit is tricky to write for; Pseudo-USB devices may not be possible; Wacom's driver and control panel may not like such an arrangement. Write an IOKit driver for a serial device - the tablet - and implement everything, including a custom control panel.

Total control over the implementation. Much more work; requires IOKit knowledge. Write an application that receives the tablet stream from the serial port, parses the stream, and passes tablet events to the Window Manager. It may not be possible for an application to send tablet events to the Window Manager in this manner. I like the third approach best, for obvious reasons. Any help with this project would be much appreciated.

I just have to find where mt pen went to Best of luck any way! Yeah, I have one of those guys too. Well, I broke down and went ahead and bought a new Wacom tablet at Macworld Expo.

Re: Medion Graphics Tablet (Aldi)

TabletMagic is the result. Full source code is included. My powerbook with OSX However, no ink or handwriting recognition. I don't expect to it, but would welcome any suggestions! I tried using it with ink, I got Ink to start once but couldn't get it to start a second time. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Double-whammy; who can guess what I just bought Part 1: Unfortunately, Apple doesn't officially support any brand except Wacom for use with Ink.

Luckily however, you can force Ink to start and then stay on between reboots. Double-click it to start it, and the InkPad should appear on your screen. In the preferences, turn handwriting recognition on. From now on, Ink will appear in System Preferences until you turn handwriting recognition off. Part 2: One of the best apps for using a tablet to draw with is Flash, especially with it's pencil smoothing features.

But as luck would have it, use a non-Wacom tablet, and Flash MX crashes as soon as you touch pen to tablet. Not to worry! Those lunatics at Macromedia decided no-one other than Wacom would ever make tablets, so we just have to humour them. Download the Wacom tablet drivers and install them; they don't do anything they won't even recognise your tablet , but they will stop Flash from crashing and let you use the full feature set e. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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